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About Us

Advanced Misting Systems is home to misting fans of all kinds. We’ve made it our business and our priority to offer the widest selection of cooling fans for residents and businesses online today, but there’s more to it than that for us. We’re here to help you identify the right cooling system for you, and have made ordering and shipping a breeze. And of course our products are products offer affordability at every turn. Why be stuck inside during the hot summer months when you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort? At Advanced Misting Systems we’re all about making that comfort available to you.

Misters can provide an atmosphere of coolness and comfort no matter the time of year. Take a little time to peruse our inventory and discover the wide range of options waiting for you.

Our team possesses a great deal of experience, and it’s always easy to get someone from our staff on the line to answer any and all of your questions. We want you to find the right cooling system and outdoor misting fans for your home or business, and are committed to making the process a positive experience for you. Don’t be afraid to contact us either online or by phone, we’d love to hear from you!

When the warm weather hits there’s only one place to go, and that place is www.mistingfans.com. Our cooling fans and misting systems are effective, affordable and waiting to make the outdoors a year-round proposition for you.