New & Custom Products at Our Misting Store

Welcome to the first blog of 2016 misting season.

We have been in the misting industry since 1995 with the same owner and installers. We have been involved in some of the largest misting projects ever produced. We often consult and work with several other misting companies for new products, design and custom uses.

Some of our newest products are the new portable cooling stations and evaporative cooling mist fan trailers. We have been manufacturing our portable misting trailers for several years with good success. Lately, we have been making changes for durability and better aesthetics.

Misting Fan Trailer - May 2016

When you browse misting products on our website, you will find that we offer all the latest fans and misting equipment. Other products we carry include misting parts and a full range of misting accessories. A new change you will appreciate is more selection of evaporative coolers such as PORT A COOL, QUIETCOOL, SAFTY CHILLER and others.

You can find many industrial and home wall mount fan kits that are well priced and built to commercial quality. Consider these for restaurant patios, mechanic garages and outdoor stadiums!

We now build all types of retrofit mist fan kits to convert your exiting fans to misting fans for odor and dust control. These also serve as great insect control while keeping your patio cool!

Our complete manufacturing facility for custom orders and excellent customer service. We can suggest which cooling product is best for your home, barn, shop or military need. Count on us for GSA 51 contract for all government orders! Talk to our knowledgeable team of experts, so you can be sure you get the right equipment for you particular mist and outdoor cooling project.

Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying the outdoors!

Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying the outdoors! Especially, your own backyard. Another happy customer had this to say:

“Just wanted to let you know that the misting fans have given us our porches back!  I did change the center nozzle to .006 on the smaller porch to reduce wetting.  My wife was skeptical all the way until tonight.  97 degrees Fahrenheit and comfortable on our porch with the misting system. Thanks!”

Glad we could help Ed!

Summer is upon us! Time to break out the misting fans!

Aside is one of the innovators of high pressure portable misting fans and mist fan trailers used by the military and fire rehab for the last 20 years.


Last year we had Fort Bragg army training base purchase 36 mist fan trailers for the incoming soldiers. They had major dehydration problems and had multiple soldiers passing out from overheating. The army loves these mist fans and are now sending them over seas to keep other soldiers cool. Mist fans work well for: patios, warehouses, animal cooling, outdoor parties and events.

One of the cool things about mist fans is you don’t necessarily need high pressure to make them cool well. The breeze from the fans in low humidity ares work well to evaporate the mist although in high humid ares high pressure mist pumps along with the fans are about the only way of cooling without the use of conventional air conditioning.

2015-04-06 10.45.32

Mist fans have come a long way. We now have them completely self-contained, meaning, they need no water or hoes and some even have generators and water tanks that let them run and cool for over 8 hours.

Please scroll through our site and see all the latest and greatest in mist fan products available these days.

Also please keep in mind that we love a challenge. If there is a custom system you’re thinking about, let us know and we can surely help!

Restaurant Patio Cooling

Did you know that mist is and excellent way to cool your outdoor dining patio? Did you know that if you add fans you can even combat humidity and insects?

Whole Foods Palm Desert Ca

Whole Foods Palm Desert Ca

Recently, a brand new Whole Foods grocery store was constructed in our area. This particular location was built with outdoor dining for the cafe and tap room patrons. We are right in the middle of the southern California desert and the only way to make this a viable option is to find a way to cool the area effectively.


Whole Foods contacted us to design a misting system with integrated fans. We integrated both 24″ and 18″ fans into the system. These fans not only circulate air, but are equipped with a mist ring to allow the fans to propel cooling mist across the entire dining area.

Post Mounted 18" Oscillating Mist Fan

Pole Mounted 18″ Oscillating Mist Fan

There is also static line mist through out the space over the dining area. The larger 24″ Misting Fans are mounted on the building side of the patio. The combination of line mist and misting fans is exactly what is needed in our desert. With extreme temperatures and occasional high humidity, the fans keep air moving and keep guests cool and happy.

24" Custom Mist Fan

24″ Custom Mist Fan

An added bonus to the fans is that they really help keep the flies away. On a dining patio this is a great thing! Contact us today to discuss misting on your restaurant patio.


Wildfires Burning in the San Diego Area

Here in the So. California Desert we are just east of numerous wildfires burning in the San Diego area.


Seeing the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to keep others safe is awe inspiring.

But you have to wonder, how do their bodies tolerate the stress of such high heat and long hours on the front lines? With something called “Heat Rehab”. Heat Rehab is where the crew members utilize cooling stations to allow their bodies time to recuperate.

What is a “cooling station” you might wonder? They can be anything where there is equipment in place to reduce temperatures and increase humidity. These cooling stations need to be mobile so that they can get to where the service personnel are currently working to keep as many people on the front lines as possible.

As misting pioneers we developed a self-contained Heat Rehab unit called the Honey Badger Mobile Misting Trailer.


These rugged mist fan trailers are designed to go where they are needed with ease. They are totally self-contained with on board water tanks and generators. These mist fan trailers are perfect for fire related heat rehab.

We have designed these units to be easily shipped so that the different agencies, Fire & Forestry Service, Military, National Guard, and State run agencies can get them where they are needed quickly and efficiently.


If you are interested in procuring a Mobile Heat Rehab Misting Trailer please contact us, we will be happy to help you. We are also a GSA approved vendor.

After a lot of time, energy, and hard work we are so happy to announce that we have been awarded a GSA Contract!

If you are unfamiliar with what that is the General Services Administration or GSA assists with procurement work for other government agencies. Procurement managers from government agencies can view these agreements and make purchases from the GSA Schedule knowing that all legal obligations have been taken care of by GSA.”


This allows Government Agencies to purchase with confidence from our company a variety of products. We are offering:

Misting Fan Systems


Misting Fan Trailers


Industrial Fans


Government Agencies can go to the GSA Advantage!™  web store and find what they are looking for or create a request for quote using the E-buy system designed to put procurement agents in contact with the companies offering the products they need.

Do you need a GSA Contracted provider for any items like those listed above? Follow this link to our web store on GSA Advantage! ™

Safety Chiller – Compact Explosion Proof Fan

Compant fan updateUPDATE!

The prototype for the new fan we talked about last week is DONE!

We are so excited to share this here first.

The customer it’s was developed for hasn’t even seen it yet. So you saw it here first.

Without further ado, here it is….

Fan Compact Explosion Proof
This Explosion Proof Air Chiller model is more compact, lighter, but still designed for Hazardous Locations. It can be moved by 2 people easily, per OSHA regulations.

The crew members that will be benefiting from the heat rehab this unit will offer are going to love it.

Remember, if you have a cooling need that is not being fulfilled by what’s available on the market right now do not hesitate to contact us at We will design and create exactly what you need.

Air Chiller – The Explosion Proof Misting Fan

platoThere is lots of innovation happening here right now!

Occasionally we get a request from a customer for a Mist Fan that is different and we love to put our heads together and develop a Misting Fan product to fit that need.

Right now we are combining our efforts with one of our suppliers to create an explosion proof Misting Fan that is approved for use in hazardous locations, and is within specific size and weight guidelines and despite the smaller size still has the ability to offer the customer the cooling benefits and run time of a full size unit. Quite the challenge, but we enjoy it.

The Air Chiller- Explosion Proof (model # EXP-24) fan is what we originally started out with and you can find it here. The final Misting Fan product needs to get smaller and weigh less so we are developing a new frame for it in order to comply with those job-site requirements.  Check back with us next week to see the finished product.

Air Chiller Explosive Proof Fan

Do you have an unusual job requirement, or need help designing a specific type of fan or cooling system? Contact us at  and we will be happy to work with you to develop what you need.

Simply better than Conventional Fans

More and more our customers are turning to mistingfans more than conventional misting systems. Misting fans work best in areas with high humidity and insect problems. With the use of fans the mist flash evaporates faster and more efficiently than regular misting without fans and moves the hot stale air to make most environments cool and comfortable.

Most insects steer clear of blowing air and when you introduce a fine mist into the equation they just go away.

We at always try to educate our customers that the higher the mist pressure the faster the mist evaporates and cools so we try and get everyone into 1000 psi pumps to get the best available cooling necessary for the application.

We now have a very nice selection of wall mount mistingfans, portable and personal mist fans for both home and commercial mist cooling.

Take a look at our new P24HP mistingfans that we make in-house, These fans are best used for military troop cooling, Fire rehab cooling and where house cooing although look for them on the sidelines of all your favorite NFL and colleges football games this year.

These new P24HP high pressure misting fans also come in a wall mount version and we make satellite fans that run off the main mist fan.

Please look over our sites as we make changes daily to our products and pricing. Or call us. At 760-779-1352 or email us at

Something New And Exciting From the Cooling Experts at Advanced Misting Fans

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new P24HP 24″ mobile 1000 psi misting fan line — built in-house, right here in Southern California!

new misting fans

We have noticed in the last few years that the hi-pressure misting fan market was relatively untapped; simply no one was making good quality American-built misting fans.

So we decided to put our years of knowledge to use and create what we feel is one of the finest mist-cooling fans on the market today. The best part about our new products is that they display none of the downfalls of first few generations of portable mist-cooling fans, but rather are technologically advanced and well-designed.

 Our new P24HP Master Fan is equipped with:

  • Top of the Line Cat Pump
  • High efficiency 4.2 amp Dayton Oscillating 2 Speed Fan Motor
  • All powder Coated Aluminum Construction
  • Poly Fan Shroud With Matching Poly Component Housing
  • Low Pressure Water Solenoid
  • 6 Nozzle Stainless Steel Ring
  • 5 Micron Filtration
  • GFI Switching
  • 6500 cfm Air Movement
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect With the Compatible P24SLT Satellite Unit
  • Ability to Operate up to Two P24SLT Satellites

These new portable misting fans are hands down the best on the market today and are now in stock. We welcome dealers and have even set up special pricing for stocking retailers. These new fan systems are also available in wall mount mist fans.

Please contact us here at for more info.